A Handbook To The Assisted Living Services We Offer At Heritage Village Of Gladstone

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Located in a warm and welcoming environment with an array of amenities, helpful services, and engaging activities, Heritage Village Of Gladstone offers the highest standard of senior living. Our community offers a variety of living options that allow residents to age in place comfortably.

We focus on individual wellness and encourage continued independence with a tailored plan of assistance provided by our caring team members available twenty-four hours a day.

Services we offer include:

Twenty-four-hour supervision and care

Whether day or night, we are available to assist your loved one with anything they may need. As part of a twenty-four-hour care arrangement, our caregivers rotate shifts, with one providing care during the day and another providing care at night.

Medication management

Certain medications cannot be taken together or with specific foods or drinks. Because of this, our caregivers ensure that medication is administered correctly and closely monitored to reduce the possibility of medication mix-ups.

Diabetes management

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause circulation problems that severely damage feet and eyes and can lead to heart and kidney disease. We can assist in managing diabetes in elderly adults at our senior living communities while providing peace of mind for family members.

Weekly physician visitation

We make sure that your elderly loved one gets the medical care they need. This will ensure that you won’t need to go through the stress of getting to the appointment or arranging for transportation.

Affordable living

We provide affordable and convenient amenities to help create a comfortable atmosphere where our residents can enjoy their apartment homes and carefree lifestyle.

What we need from you

1. Medical history and physical

Our care providers will need up-to-date information. After performing a physical, the primary care doctor can compile a current medical history. If the patient is admitted from a hospital, the hospital staff will complete this.

2. List of medications

Before being admitted into our assisted living facility, you will need to provide your elderly loved one’s medication list to the admissions coordinator.

3. Ability to transfer with only minimal assistance

Our assisted living is appropriate for seniors who require a small amount of help to accomplish daily activities. 

If you’re looking for an assisted living community in Gladstone, Missouri, reach out to Heritage Village Of Gladstone. We offer long-term and respite stays with onsite therapy and twenty-four hour a day healthcare services. Our services are available to clients across Gladstone, North Kansas City, Kansas City, Liberty, Ferrelview, Platte Woods, Parkville, and the surrounding areas.

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